Most people do not know what it’s like to be a celebrity. While many people dream of becoming famous one day, not everyone can handle all of the attention one gets while being front and center in the media. Celebrity couples face this challenge even more than single celebrities because they have people coming at them from two different directions – and the trouble gets even harder when celebrities decide to start families together as the media wants to know what the little ones are up to every step of their development and growth.

Few celebrity couples survive more than a few years together. That certainly was the case for actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Although they had a steamy romance at one point in their love affair, the passion eventually died, and the pair decided to get divorced and go in separate directions. Affleck is now with his former flame Jennifer Lopez while Garnier is stuck raising the children that she and Affleck share.

In a recent interview, Garnier explained that being married to Ben Affleck was a messy situation. While speaking to PBS interviewer Kelly Corrigan, Garner described that she loves her children, but she could do without their father. Even doing something as simple as attending her daughter’s soccer match was a very difficult proposition since the paparazzi and other media mosquitos wanted to track the celebrity couple’s every movement.

“Anywhere that we went, it was a total circus. My one daughter tried to play soccer, and it was such a zoo for the families that they just said, ‘can you please not.’”

During her interview with the PBS presenter, Garner recalled how hard it was to get her children health care when they needed it because people with cameras were eager to follow her everywhere she went.

“For ten years, there were at the very least six cars, and often 20, outside of our house, and outside of school and at the pediatrician’s, and you’re begging them, ‘Please step aside from the pediatrician’s door. I have a sick kid, please.”

Garner was so sick and tired of having the media chasing down her children that she teamed with the actor Halle Berry to pass legislation to protect the children of celebrities. The pair worked together to get the government to pass a law that protected the children of famous people from the paparazzi. However, Garner does not claim much credit for the passing of the law and instead gives credit to Berry for doing most of the heavy lifting.

“Halle Berry was the one who went to Sacramento and did it. I wrote a check. She was very kind about it, but she was the one who went up there and actually got it done.”

Now that her children are a bit older, Garner has more time on her hands and is using that time to get back into acting. She has a few movies lined up that she is excited to work on. One of them is an independent film called “Yes Day,” in which she will play a mom who says “yes” to her children for one day.

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