In recent years, school shootings have become way too common. People are showing up to school armed with firearms and other weapons because they’re dealing with mental health problems and other personal crises. School security has become a booming business because of this, and teachers have needed to deal with a new reality of having police officers and other armed guards on campus along with the students.

However, one mom was on a mission to prove that her child’s school was not doing a good job when it came to protecting the safety of the kids. Because Casey Garcia feared that the school security at her child’s school in San Elizario, Texas wasn’t as good as it could be, mom came up with a daring plan to disguise herself as her daughter and sneak onto school grounds to prove a point that security was lacking.

In a “social experiment,” Casey disguised herself as a teenager so she could sneak into her daughter’s school building and prove to the teachers and others in charge that the security measures at the school are simply not good enough.

Casey uploaded a video of her experiment back in June 2021 and proved to everyone on the internet who watched her YouTube video that her hometown of Texas had a very weak security system at the school.

The video opens with Casey showing off her disguise in the school bathroom. She is wearing a yellow Spider-Man sweatshirt, tight jeans, and high-top sneakers. She’s got a face mask covering half of her face and glasses. She also showed that she went through a grueling makeup routine to make the transition from adult to middle school student. But as the video continues, Casey proves that she was able to easily trick the school security officers with her getup and got past them into the school without being confronted at all.

“Do I look like a seventh-grader? No? Cool,” Casey says in the video.

At the 40-second mark in the video, Casey runs into the school principal and has a polite moment with the man. Although he is talking to one of his student’s parents in disguise, he has no idea that she doesn’t belong in school. She’s tricked the person all the way at the top of the authority food chain.

Once Casey is in the school, she gets very scared because she knows she will eventually get caught. She made it through the front doors and walked all through the building to the grounds outside.

Somehow mom manages to get into a classroom and pretends to be a student at the school. Although she is clearly not one of the students who has been in class all year long, no one seems to be any the wiser, and no one confronts her.

What do you think about this mom sneaking into her daughter’s middle school in disguise?

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