A new educator at Oakville Trafalgar High School in an upscale Canadian neighborhood about twenty-five miles west of the city of Toronto has come under scrutiny as parents and students stage a protest after the school district hired a transgender teacher. The teacher, Kayla Lemieux, was photographed wearing large prosthetic breasts during her shop class lesson, and on Wednesday, school board members voted to implement a dress code that would help rein in the teacher’s massive breasts.

If school board members win the vote as they hope to do so in the conservative town, the transgender teacher would be forced to tone down her outfits. She currently uses large prosthetic breasts as part of her look as a woman. But the shop teacher attracted global attention for her massive breasts after images of the transgender teacher were shared on social media, where they went viral around the world.

Angry parents want the Halton District School Board (HDSB) to force the transgender teacher to better cover up her large breasts. They want the district to force the trans teacher to act and look a certain way; however, doing that goes against the province’s Human Rights Code, which forbids anyone from forcing anyone to do something that allows them to express their gender and personality.

Even some students are behind the outcry. Some of these outraged students joined a protest against the transgender teacher urging the educator to cover up her large breasts.

“This is a school, not a circus. We just want to learn,” one student allegedly said, according to Daily Mail.

A motion to reexamine the school’s dress code was put before the school board on Wednesday. If the motion ends up passing, the transgender teacher might be forced to give up her fabric-stretching prosthetic breasts, which cost as much as $1,000 from online retailers.

“The HDSB recognizes the rights of students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members to equitable treatment without discrimination based upon gender identity and gender expression,” the board said in a statement. “Gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

On Friday, before school was let out for the day, a small group of protestors gathered along the school driveway. These people wanted to protest the transgender teacher’s outfit and claimed that they were gathering in order to spread awareness around the need of the school district to “protect our children.” From what exactly? That was not very clear since the transgender teacher did nothing to the youth that she educates.

In the protest, people held signs that proclaimed various things, including: “Inclusivity is no excuse for depravity” and “Teacher’s personal propaganda has no place in the classroom.”

If the new dress code is enforced, as many parents hope it is, the transgender teacher, Lemieux, will be forced to give up her large prosthetic breasts that she wears on a daily basis.

Do you think this transgender teacher should be targeted for her large prosthetic breasts?

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