After a social media celebrity from Spain bragged about tricking women into having unprotected sex with him, the 19-year-old could face up to twelve years behind bars. In his viral TikTok video, Naim Darrechi, 19, confessed that he has a habit of tricking women into sleeping with him while he does not use a condom to practice safe sex. In an effort to get bad guys off the streets, Spain’s equalities minister has asked prosecutors to investigate Darrechi’s claims and find out about the tricks he pulled to put women’s health at risk.

Darrechi has amassed the largest TikTok following of anyone in the country of Spain. He has about 26.8 million followers on the Chinese-created social media app and frequently shares videos from the comfort of his home. He revealed how he sexually assaulted numerous women during a YouTube video interview. He explained that he tricks women into having sex with him without him using a condom by lying to them that he is sterile.

Women were furious to hear about Darrechi’s twisted plan. Minister Irene Montero and others pointed out that the TikTok star’s actions constitute sexual abuse under the current laws governing the nation of Spain. Now it is up to prosecutors to charge Darrechi with sexual assault and take him to court in an effort to lock him away for the horrible things he did to women and girls.

“Taking off a condom or ejaculating inside someone without consent is now sexual abuse, and the #OnlyYesisYes law will recognize it as assault,” Montero wrote in a Twitter post referencing the bill. “Bragging to 26million followers about something like this reflects the urgency of centering consent. We will inform the prosecutor’s office.”

Darrechi later apologized for talking about how he sexually assaulted women, writing an Instagram post that said, “I’m really sorry… it’s just crazy what I said.”

He added, “I want to apologize, really. Sometimes I don’t realize the responsibility that is mine… I made a comment that really is out of place, and that is not right. Sometimes I say things, and sometimes I exaggerate, but here it’s just crazy what I said, I wish it had been cut at the edit, and no one would ever have heard it.”

Instead of apologizing for abusing numerous women, he complained that his remark hadn’t been edited out of the YouTube video. Now he will have to face legal consequences for tricking women into having unprotected sex with him by spreading lies about his ability to have children.

Because the Spanish TikTok star has slept with numerous women, none of whom have gotten pregnant, “I started thinking that I had a problem,” he said in the damning YouTube video. He added, “So I tell them: ‘relax, I’m sterile.’ It’s true.”

The new bill will be debated by Parliament in September and moves to reclassify all non-consensual sex as rape – and since he lied to have unprotected sex with his victims, he could become a poster child for the new law.

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