Millions of people drive up to a drive-thru at various fast-food establishments and coffee shops across America every day. For most people, the most challenging part of placing their order is figuring out from the plethora of options what they want to enjoy that day. But, for people like Georgia Scott, who has a stutter, placing an order at the drive-thru is a much bigger challenge that requires intense focus and concentration, as she demonstrated in a series of TikTok videos capturing her recent trips to the drive-thru.

For most of her life, Georgia has been living with a stutter. She was diagnosed with it back when she was just a five-year-old girl. In the years since her initial diagnosis, she has managed to work with her speech impediment and get herself to a point where she’s able to interact with people out in public – but it most certainly is not always easy for her to do.

In some of her viral videos, Georgia brings viewers along on a trip through the drive-thru to show just how difficult it can be for her to do something as simple as place an order with a fast-food employee. According to an interview she conducted with BuzzFeed, Georgia got the idea to record TikToks of herself going through the drive-through because she had experienced a few bad mental health days and wanted to show others what she was struggling with day-to-day.

Some people wondered why Georgia simply didn’t skip the drive-thru and order from these establishments via a pickup app like DoorDash or GrubHub. She addressed that good question and said that she preferred to order face-to-face at the drive-thru because it afforded her an opportunity to practice speaking in public and helped prevent her from falling into a pattern of isolation, which can be all too easy when struggling with a stutter.

“One of the biggest things that comes with having a stammer is the urge to avoid speaking situations,” she said in her TikTok. “But when you’re constantly avoiding situations, you’re not being your true authentic self. It builds up such a world of isolation.”

The stutter makes some daily tasks very challenging for Georgia. Besides ordering coffee or food from a drive-thru, she also finds it difficult to answer phone calls or even speak to family members or engage in small talk with people at work. Daily tasks that other people hardly even consider can provoke a lot of anxiety for this young woman.

It’s one thing to have a stutter and find that it makes daily tasks like ordering coffee or speaking with family members difficult. But for Georgia, the anxiety she has about these types of everyday interactions is even more heightened because her speech impediment leaves many people feeling awkward around her – so much so that they don’t know how to interact with her at all.

Georgia finds herself in a lot of one-sided conversations where people are talking right to her, but she isn’t able to respond because it is too hard for her, or she simply doesn’t know what to say back. Being open about her struggles with stuttering helps Georgia encourage others who are also struggling, and she’s also used the platform as an opportunity to share some of the techniques that have helped her manage it over time.

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