Although America is eager to get out of the great pandemic of 2020, many health care providers still have lingering concerns about how COVID-19 will contribute to overall sickness in the upcoming cold and flu season. During an interview with Jennifer Garner, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease doctor, suggested that more Americans start taking vitamins – specifically two common types – that could help strengthen your immune system to fight off COVID-19, the flu as well as the common cold.

The supplements that Dr. Fauci recommends for their immune-system-boosting benefits include vitamin C and vitamin D. By taking these as pills. You can follow Dr. Fauci’s advice and do something to boost the viability of your immune system ahead of the upcoming cold and flu season, which is expected to be very dire.

Dr. Fauci said, “If you’re deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection.”

Vitamin D is usually made by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However, not everyone gets enough sunlight every day to produce enough of this vital nutrient. By taking a vitamin D supplement, you can help ensure that you’re getting enough of this vitamin in your life, which will, in turn, help keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Dr. Fauci also recommends taking a vitamin C supplement, saying in the video interview: “The other vitamin that people take is vitamin C because it’s a good antioxidant, so if people want to take a gram or so of vitamin C, that would be fine.”

As for other supplements like elderberry, Dr. Fauci did not explicitly recommend them. However, they can still be effective for people who may want to get a little something extra for their immune system – especially for those who are susceptible to getting the common cold and other illnesses that can affect your ability to go to work as usual.

Your immune system is complex and complicated. While it can be a good idea to give it some extra support by taking the Fauci-recommended supplements, you can also do good for your immune system by making sure you’re getting enough sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep puts you at risk of getting sick.

One study examined healthy adults and how much they slept each night. Adults in the study who slept fewer than six hours per night were a lot more likely to get sick with something like a cold or the flu than those who regularly slept more than six hours.

Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep every night – the more you get, the stronger your immune system can become. Some tips to get better sleep include limiting screen time before bed. Smartphone screens feature a lot of blue light, which has been linked to trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Will you be taking vitamin C and vitamin D to boost your immune system, as recommended by Dr. Anthony Fauci? What tips and tricks do you have that help keep you in good health?

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