Back in 1993, Las Vegas was rocked by news of the violent murder of a popular Elvis impersonator and his beauty queen girlfriend. The pair were shot dead inside the impersonator’s mini-Graceland Vegas home. Although Las Vegas police tried to figure out what happened, they’ve been unable to solve the case for the last twenty-seven years. Now the mysterious murders of Dana MacKay and Mary Huffman continue to haunt Las Vegas and all who love Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll.

Police found the bodies of MacKay and Huffman on the floor in the entryway of the mini-Graceland home. They were both victims of gunshots and were dead by the time police arrived on the scene. Police presumed that the pair were murdered during a failed robbery attempt. Nothing was stolen from the Vegas property beside a manilla folder, which MacKay kept details about his business dealings.

MacKay became famous as the world’s first Elvis impersonator. Friends continue to say to this day that he was perhaps the best impersonator ever, and his death was a tragedy to the Elvis impersonator industry, which is a big deal in Las Vegas to this day.

Detective George Sherwood, a homicide detective with the Las Vegas Police Department, spoke up in 2008 and confirmed that he did not think that the pair died in a robbery.

“Dana always kept a file with him that outlined all his business, whether it was his musical endeavors, the palm tree business, his home, and personal information, his life finances,” said Sherwood. “And that was the only notable thing that was missing. Somebody wanted that folder, and somebody wanted Dana.”

At the time of his murder, MacKay had launched a small business planting palm trees in people’s yards. He was working on the project with a friend and was trying to get more greenery into the Las Vegas landscape.

The cold case remains open, but the Las Vegas police department does not want to talk about it, according to a report on Daily Mail. The police don’t want to talk about what they did to investigate the double homicide or if they made any progress in the cold case over the last twenty-seven years.

Misty Vargas, the daughter of MacKay, believes she knows who murdered her beloved father in cold blood. However, she does not want to come forward with their name because she continues to share “connections” with the killer, which may or may not be lucrative.

“I know exactly who did it, and I know the cops know exactly who did it, but he’s allowed to get away with it because of his connections,” the Elvis impersonator’s daughter (image above) said in a 2017 interview about the case with NBC News.

Vargas has gone silent on the case, just like the Las Vegas police department. Daily Mail tried to reach her for comment in 2020, but she refused to speak to reporters.

What do you think is the truth behind the violent slaying of Dana MacKay and Mary Huffman in 1993?

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