California mom, 38-year-old Angela Dawn Flores, has confessed to killing her three children. However, the mom claims that she did not commit the murders alone. Instead, she has said that she murdered her twelve-year-old daughter Natalie and eight-year-old twin sons Kevin and Nathan with the help of her sixteen-year-old son. The mother has now been arrested and is being held on a $6 million bond, while her teenage son is being considered an accomplice and is being held at Sylmar Junevile Hall on one count of murder.

Before she relocated to California, the mother lived in the Kansas City area. As a mother of four, she always appeared to be a dedicated parent. But after the killing of her three youngest children, people are forced to rethink their views on Flores.

Authorities learned of the killings on Mother’s Day 2022. Paramedics arrived at Flores’s Woodland Hills home and found the three youngest children dead at the scene.

On the night before the murders were committed, a witness overheard Flores saying, “My family is abusing me!” After shouting the phrase, Flores left her home, walked into a neighbor’s front yard, opened up her copy of the Bible, and lit candles in a sort of nighttime vigil that she held by herself.

Neighbor Prisila Canales told KTTV that she heard the mother of four screaming at the top of her lungs.

“I couldn’t see anybody, and I kept hearing, ‘My family is abusing me!’ And just kept hearing screaming, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying,” Canales said. “I can hear her saying, ‘Ow, ow, ow.’ I guess they were trying to arrest her or restrain her. They brought her out on the stretcher, and she was lying down and would just pop up out of nowhere and yell, “Where’s my Bible? Where’s my Bible?’”

Paramedics arrived to help Flores seek medical care.

It is unclear what happened to the three children between their mother’s outbursts the night prior to Mother’s Day. However, authorities arrived at the Woodland Hills home around 7:40 am and found Flores’s three youngest children already dead. Police arrived at the scene after receiving a call that there had been an assault with a deadly weapon on the 22500 block of Victory Boulevard, which is located in the San Fernando Valley.

Police found Flores’s three youngest children dead when they arrived. Based on their estimates, the children had been dead for at least a day.

Meanwhile, Flores and her sixteen-year-old son, the accomplice, sought shelter in two area homes before police arrived to find the murdered children on Sunday morning.

“No other suspects are being sought at the moment,” said LAPD Public Information Officer Matthew Cruz.

Meanwhile, neighbors are still shook by the incident that occurred in Flores’s home. She had been in the area for only three months.

“The screaming you heard; you knew she was not okay,” Canales said. “I can still hear her screaming.”

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