Although it was a lifetime ago when 76-year-old Jaclyn Smith starred as one of the glamorous female detectives on the American television show Charlie’s Angels, she continues to turn heads with her amazing good looks. In the forty-something years since Charlie’s Angels first aired on American television from 1976 to 1981, Smith appears to have not aged a single day after sharing a recent photo to her social media accounts.

Smith had impressed her Instagram fans with photos of herself because she appears to defy age and looks as young as she did back when she was playing private investigator Kelly Garrett on the television show.

Back in December, the television star shared a photo of herself along with her son, Gaston Richmond. She appeared so youthful in that photo that some fans suggested that she looked like she could be her son’s sister – not his mother. She spoke to Page Six about her photo with her son.

“I’ll tell you. It was a good photo. Right place, right time. That’s the luck of the draw. Great lighting. I’m with a person that I adore, my son, and it was a going-away party, so my eyes were probably glistening with tears there, sparkling because he’s one of the humans I worship.”

Meanwhile, Smith remains very humble about her good looks and claims that she only looks this good because she has learned of a way to achieve “great lighting” in her Instagram photos. But most people believe that she just knows a secret to staying young and has been able to maintain her youthful appearance through diet, exercise, and plenty of rest.

Smith is currently married to her fourth husband, heart surgeon Brad Allen, and does not seem to have aged a single day since she appeared on television back in the 1970s. She has been married to the successful surgeon since 1997. They share an amazing home in Summerland, California, that has an estimated worth of $10.7 million. The home includes four bedrooms, five bathrooms, beachfront property, and plenty of luxury amenities that anyone who be grateful to have.

Gaston is a product of Smith’s third marriage. He is forty years old and has a thirty-six-year-old brother named Spencer. Smith is a grandmother. She became a granny for the first time when Gaston and his then-wife, Victoria, had a baby girl named Autumn back in 2009.

Fans of the television star have been taking to social media to share their thoughts on her recent photo. Many people cannot believe that she looks so young, and some even think that she may have found the fountain of youth. One fan even went as far as to say, “She hasn’t aged a day since 1976!”

Smith has definitely defied age and looks amazing for her 76 years. It is no wonder that her photos are going viral on social media. She is an inspiration to women all over the world who want to maintain their youth and good looks. Hopefully, she will continue to share her secrets with the world so that we can all benefit from them!

What do you think of Jaclyn Smith’s recent photo? Do you think she looks as young as she did back in her Charlie’s Angels days?

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